Easy Steps to Test Weed Quality Purchased Online

You just purchased weed online. It is important to test the quality of the product you received. It is never safe to start smoking this stuff if you have not tested its quality.

Oreoz cannabis strain
  • Before testing you should know Where to Buy Weed online
  • Always trust your visual inspection techniques
  • If the weed does not look fresh then do not purchase it

Visual quality

Fresh quality weed will never show signs of discoloration and mold infection. You will never note spots on the leaves you purchased.

The weed you purchased should have a very vibrant green color. Always focus on weed saplings that have a dense bud system. Always check with the Eight & Ounces website for the best quality.

Notice weed smell

If the weed is fresh then it will always have a very strong essence. You can identify the quality of weed as it has a very distinct smell.

You can Buy Marijuana Online from growers you know sell fresh quality weed/ you can select weed that smells fresh and then pay for it. You should also test the feel as good quality weed feels very dry.

Basic tests

There are other lab tests that you can perform. To use lab testing kits you should have that level of knowledge. If you are new then you may not be able to use these methods.

You can still make use of a smoke test to determine the purity and quality. If you burn a small amount of weed it leaves behind white and clean ash. If there are impurities then the ash is black in color.

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